Sustainable Design | LEED Certification

LEED principles are nothing new to architects. We have been designing with the environment in mind for years, and many of the LEED “points” available today are simply sound design decisions that should be expected of the professionals that you work with.

As environmental responsibility in building design and construction has achieved more recognition and attention, we continue to treat each project as an opportunity to implement energy savings and sustainable practices, whether the building is destined for LEED certification or not.

Hasenstab Architects places importance on educating clients about the availability of sustainable materials, energy conservation systems, and ecological implications surrounding the built environment.

We have incorporated environmentally responsible materials and systems into many building designs and construction projects, as part of LEED certified projects as well as those where it just plain makes sense.

Regarding LEED Certification, we take our cue from you. We have completed 11 LEED certified buildings, and have several others in process. If LEED certification is part of your company’s mission, we have several registered professionals on staff to carry you through the process.

If you desire to “emulate” the process without the actual certification, we can provide that guidance and tracking also.

If you don’t have a specific policy, or are simply looking for the best return on your energy investment, we won’t impose sustainable techniques on you if they don’t make good business sense in your particular situation. We will, however, point out where these techniques or materials might be a good return on your investment, and we will include the many sustainable design elements that should be included in every design.

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