Our ownership team is comprised of six members. Each has their own individual talents and leadership roles in the firm’s collective direction—sustainability, information technology, building codes, design, lean processes, and the other myriad facets of our firm—but all participate in projects as practicing architects. This involvement aids in achieving a balance between big-picture perspective and detail, architecture and business, aesthetics and practicality, practiced approach and new initiatives.

We pride ourselves on our longevity and stability. Our owners have spent the majority, if not all of their professional careers with Hasenstab Architects, but we and our staff bring vitality and a fresh outlook to each new project. Hasenstab Architects is an equal opportunity employer.

Our Staff


Our staff here at Hasenstab Architects is a collection of professionals…in information and financial management, marketing, information technology, civil and structural engineering, interior design, and of course, architecture. From the quality of our correspondence, to the management of our financial dealings, to our dedication to maintaining the most efficient ways to communicate our work, we stress professionalism in all aspects of what we do. Ask our clients who we have had the pleasure of serving for a long time—they’re used to it.

Our full time architectural staff averages 17 years of experience with our firm, ensuring that you as the client get a practiced project team, who have “done it before”. This high number is also a testament to the quality of the firm’s culture and environment, which each employee has an important role in maintaining.

Of our 48 person staff, half are registered architects or engineers. Although not the most common way to staff a firm, this factor speaks to the depth of your project team, each of which is headed by one of the firm owners. This number also demonstrates the dedication of our employees in reaching their personal career goals.

Our studios are organized to balance the best of specialized knowledge within a specific area of practice and the flexibility of sharing members between these studios to allow cross-pollination of thought. This philosophy creates a benefit to you as the client as well as to each employee.

Our in-house continuing education program ensures that our base of knowledge is current with regard to new products, services, and techniques. Post-project presentations by project teams to the rest of the staff allow us to share successes and challenges so that the benefits of our experience are not lost.

The well-rounded character of our staff is strengthened by encouragement of individuals to explore specific initiatives and areas of interest, on their own and with the support of the firm. Our staff members share certifications in LEED, evidence based design, construction documentation and specifications, and healthcare design for interiors. We are exploring Lean and Six Sigma and Choosing by Advantage systems, and several other initiatives to continue to stay fresh and to continue to deliver quality services in today’s fast-paced environment.

Architecture is an experience not only in design and detailing, but in human interaction. This experience should be energizing, stimulating, and positive. Our staff will make this happen.


It is the policy of Hasenstab Architects, Inc. to ensure equal employment opportunity in accordance with the Ohio Revised Code 125.111 and all applicable federal regulations and guidelines. Employment discrimination against employees and applicants due to race, color, religion, sex (including sexual harassment), national origin, disability, age (40 years old or more), military status or veteran status is illegal.

Hasenstab Architects, Inc.’s managers and employees will comply with state and federal equal employment laws, rules, regulations and guidelines. This policy statement will be disseminated to all employees, various recruitment sources and will be displayed on all construction job sites and business locations. Any employees that deliberately violate this policy will be subject to disciplinary action.

Persons who believe Hasenstab Architects, Inc. has discriminated against them may file a discrimination complaint with Dennis Check. The EEO Representative has full authority to manage issues involving employment discrimination.

Point of contact to file allegations of discrimination:

Company’s EEO Representative:  Dennis Check

Location: 190 North Union Street, Suite 400, Akron OH 44304

Phone Number: (330) 434-4464

E-Mail Address: