June 18th, 2012

Hasenstab Crew Creates “CAN-ON”, Claims Community Can Collection Contest Kudos

Canstruction:  Art made out of canned goods, which will be donated to the Akron/Canton Food Bank. www.canstruction.org

In last year’s canstruction event, we’re proud to say we were awarded “Jurors’ Favorite” for Accidental Happening, which was “shadow art”: When a light was shone on what looked like a random jumble of cans – WOW! Look at that! – they formed the shadow of a woman.  What a happy accident! (Hence the name:  Accidental Happening.)

This year we wanted to think outside the box again. The conversation in our office went like this:

“What should we do this time around?”

“Levitate the cans with dry ice and magnets?” (Maybe next year.)

“Should we make another shadow?” (Been there, done that.)

“What about an arcade game?” (Like Plinko?)

“No, something more dynamic….”

“Something with cannons…. Get it? CAN-ONS!”

“What are we going to do, launch cans across the room?!”

“Why not?”

Ok, it might not have happened exactly that way, but that’s not too far off. No matter the specifics, the idea for “CAN-ON Recycling Arcade” was born. We were inspired by Caine’s Cardboard Arcade, (www.cainesarcade.com)  so we watched Caine’s movie, took notes, and were off and running –or more accurately, we were off and collecting, stacking, and stacking some more. The idea was simple: build a target, construct some “CAN-ONS”, and shoot recycled (or soon to be recycled) aluminum cans and plastic bottles at the target.

We’re happy to say that this simple, fun idea paid off. We were able to collect 1,265 cans (which is what this event is all about), fabricate 4 “CAN-ONS”, and have a lot of fun, as well as being awarded the “Jurors’ Favorite” prize for the second year.

Thank you to our sponsors: The Ruscoe Company and Bennett Construction Management.

What will next year bring? We CANnot wait to find out!