December 18th, 2012

Hasenstab Declared Winner of Aultman Design Competition

Hasenstab Architects was declared the winner of the Aultman Hospital Design Competition “Operation Restoration” last week in Canton. Aultman Hospital invited four firms to redesign interior patient rooms and corresponding corridors.  The purpose of the program was to improve patient satisfaction and to establish new design standards for consideration of future projects.

The competition started in June 2012 when Aultman Hospital distributed guidelines and a budget. With the rules and procedures in mind, the four firms began formulating their designs.  After presenting the designs to an Aultman Hospital design committee staff, all designs were constructed into full-size patient rooms using the materials specified by all of the architectural firms.  The full-size patient rooms allowed the design committee to compare the rooms by walking into the spaces instead of viewing it on paper or a computer screen.

The selection committee, comprised of four teams of seven staff members, toured the constructed rooms for a brief presentation with a question and answer session.  After this final presentation, scores were tallied and Hasenstab Architects was declared the winner.

Congratulations to Hasenstab Architects design team Bob Medziuch, Amador Gonzalez, Brian Miner, Scott Radcliff, Nino Samardzic, Chitra Matthai and Pam Schneider!