7.0T MRI Addition

The Cleveland Clinic

Teaming with CMM, Inc. in a Design/Build partnership, Hasenstab Architects provided architectural design services for a new addition to the Mellen Center medical offices at the main campus of the Cleveland Clinic.

This addition houses a new Siemens/Agilent 7.0 Tesla MRI which is dedicated to research programs, primarily in neuroscience studies. It is the only 7 Tesla full-body MRI in northeast Ohio, and approximately one in about a dozen in the country.

The magnet, which weighs approximately 85,000 pounds, required a special design for its foundation to isolate any vibration which would mar its high definition images. The floor was also isolated on its perimeter from any part of the building foundation and walls. In addition, the concrete block was designed so that if vibration became a problem, the MRI could be separated and raised from the floor using pneumatic cushions to float it.

The room environment that houses the MRI was also an important consideration during the design process. The room was shielded from all radio interference by a continuous copper skin on the inside of the room. Everything inside the room had to be rigidly attached and could not be made of any iron material that could be drawn toward the magnet or disrupt the sensitive field. Even safety devices such as fire extinguishers must be non-magnetic since any object containing iron can become a dangerous missile if it gets too close to the intense magnetic field.

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