Gregory Family Training Center

Aultman College of Nursing and Health Sciences

Hasenstab Architects provided architectural, interior design, bidding and construction administration services for the Gregory Family Training Center at the Aultman Center for Education building in Canton, Ohio. The new facility was created in the existing College of Education to aid Aultman Hospital in providing ongoing training for its employees.

The design includes one large training room with a tiered floor and fixed seating for optimal viewing of training sessions. At the front of the room, three 80” televisions help display ongoing simulations and video feeds. The space also includes a mock toilet room, as well as an area where a patient bed can be installed with mock utilities. Lastly, the project includes a lounge area for staff to gather before training sessions.

Technology was another important component that was integrated into the training center. In addition to the three TV monitors, the space also includes multiple cameras, microphones and instructor’s stations where all the technology, as well as room lighting and air conditioning can be controlled.

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