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Grover Center Expansion

Ohio University

Hasenstab Architects is currently providing professional services for the Grover Center Expansion project at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio.

In addition to several other Colleges and programs, the Grover Center houses The School of Nursing and School of Applied Health Sciences & Wellness (AHSW). These two schools utilized space on multiple floors, which created inefficiencies in daily program operation. Initial programming and planning efforts included analyzing program consolidation and utilization to identify efficient solutions.

This project involved renovations to the existing gymnasium into usable space for the College. An intermediate floor structure was built, which created two floor levels within the overall larger volume of space that previously made up the gymnasium.

The first floor now provides space for four research labs, Atrium Kitchen Pantry, the two Athletic Training Labs and the Nutrition Education Center with Test Kitchen Lab. Dependent upon their research needs, these research labs can range in size from four smaller areas to one larger lab with the use of operable partitions.

The second floor of the gymnasium was infilled with the School of Nursing Functions. The primary area includes four bedside skills labs. Each skills lab is designed to accommodate eight beds with two students to a table. Nursing specific simulation spaces on the second floor are enclosed in a small simulation suite with two IPCMS stations (Immersive Patient Care Management Simulation), four ambulatory clinic rooms, a simulation toilet and a simulation medicine room. Also part of the expansion on the second floor is a large classroom space with moveable seating, mobile white boards, and advanced technological capabilities. To add to the flexibility of the room, outlets were placed in the floor around the room for easy power access for student laptops.

The focus of the project was to design a multi-use, multi-functional facility that promotes disciplinary collaboration, maximizes University resources and embodies state of the art, forward thinking through the integration of technology, flexibility and adaptability.

This project will seek LEED® certification.

Photo Credit: © 2017 Scott Pease Photography

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