Hudson Malson Athletic Center

Hudson City Schools

As partners in a design-build contract, Hasenstab Architects provided architectural services for a new, 9,745 square foot athletic center for Hudson High School. The building is the centerpiece of the district’s stadium complex. Located in the stadium’s north end zone, the new facility consolidates functions currently housed elsewhere on campus into one convenient location.

The athletic center includes locker rooms, a training room, offices, lobby, and restroom facilities on the ground floor. The lobby features a gathering space and athletic hall-of-fame, with a donor wall and exhibit casework for athletic awards and memorabilia.

The upper level, which features a large viewing window to the field, provides space for receptions and community functions. This space is accessed by a central stair well, as well as a lift, and includes a kitchenette and a dedicated restroom.

Challenges overcome during the design of the athletic center included a very tight construction budget, schedule constraints to have the project ready for the football season, and a limited site area with congested underground utilities.

Given its location, the building’s design had to combine the aesthetics of the existing high school building as well as the surrounding athletic complex, and needed to be seamlessly incorporated into the recently completed plaza design. Additionally, sightlines from the stadium seating needed to be considered in the design of rooftop equipment.

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