iCT and iMRI Surgery Suite

Cleveland Clinic Akron General

Hasenstab Architects provided architectural design services for the construction of a high-tech, Integrated Operating Room and diagnostic services suite for use primarily in brain and spinal surgical procedures. Each operating room in the suite is coupled with a diagnostic imaging machine (Siemens CT and GE 3.0T  MRI) along with an integrated surgical positioning and imaging system designed and provided by BrainLab.

These systems allow the surgical team to view pre- and post-surgical images of the patient in real time while the patient remains in the surgical area. After the preliminary surgery is performed with the assistance of the diagnostic images, the patient is examined again with adjacent imaging equipment. The surgeon then has immediate access to the post-surgical images so that the procedure can be analyzed and/or extended if required.

The MRI procedure room was isolated acoustically and environmentally from the operating rooms so it can be used for outpatient services. The operating rooms can also be used for general surgery cases when the diagnostic equipment is not employed.

In order to compensate for the loss of two prime operating rooms, Cleveland Clinic Akron General renovated and expanded two existing rooms with fully integrated OR systems provided by Trumpf Medical and Olympus prior to constructing the iCT and iMRI. The placement of new MRI required the construction of a new multi-story addition above the existing loading dock and the installation of new air handlers to serve the new rooms.

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