Laboratory & Vivarium Expansion

WIL Research

Hasenstab Architects provided architectural and engineering services for the vivarium, analytical laboratory and metabolism laboratory expansion of WIL Research Laboratories, a nonclinical contract research organization which provides product safety and toxicology assessment research and services.

The Vivarium Building addition is located on the west and south sides of the existing Building at the first-floor level. This addition encompasses approximately 34,000 SF, with an interstitial space of approximately eight feet in height to accommodate the required air handling and plumbing equipment, as well as allow maintenance personnel to service equipment without interfering with animal rooms below. Thirty-three new animal rooms were added, as well as a BSL-2 animal room.

The Analytical Chemistry & Metabolism Laboratory addition/renovation is located on the second floor, encompassing approximately 31,000 SF. This location brings analytical and research lab services adjacent to animal studies, enhancing work flow and providing adequate space for future planned growth.

The Infrastructure Building addition is located on the south side of the existing building. This addition encompasses approximately 35,000 SF and provides centralized support services to existing and new animal rooms.

A Pedestrian Link between the existing Administration Building and Animal Research Building was added to facilitate movement of employees and visitors between buildings.

Photo Credit: © 2006 Scott Pease Photography

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