Medina Integrated Operating Room

The Cleveland Clinic

This project included a renovation within an existing surgery area that is connected to sterile areas. The new space is designed to meet the current Cleveland Clinic standards for Integrated Operating Rooms. This 700 square foot space provides for locally and remotely managed image recording and displays for laparoscopic and endoscopic surgical procedures.

Boom mounted HD display monitors which can be managed by the circulating nurse, can display multi-source images (including live video feeds, vital sign monitoring, digital radiology imagery, etc.) to any display in the operating room or to remote locations. Both anesthesia and equipment booms are mounted on articulating arms to allow for multiple surgical setups depending on the procedure to be performed.

Mechanical systems were designed to allow for setback air flows during unoccupied times to save energy and lower operating costs.

The project is the first phase of a long term plan to upgrade major surgical rooms at the hospital integrating similar capabilities. The integrated operating room provides greater flexibility for the use of the room, removes cabling from the floor and reduces the need for rolling equipment to be moved in and out of the room.

A central Audio/Visual Server Room was constructed to allow for future equipment racks accommodating the additional Integrated ORs. Hasenstab Architects provided programming, design, bidding, construction administration and equipment coordination for the project.

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