The Shoppes at Aultman

Aultman Hospital

Hasenstab Architects recently completed a 9,500-square-foot renovation at Aultman Hospital Memorial Building to redesign the hospital’s gift shop, pharmacy and floral area. The Shoppes at Aultman offer patients and visitors a convenient and modern outlet to purchase necessities and gifts.

The Shoppes now have an inviting, boutique feel and cater to patients in the nearby Breast Care Center. Patients and visitors can now shop in a more private, intimate atmosphere for products they may need or want as they undergo treatment. The previous gift shop, pharmacy and floral areas were separate entities lacking efficiency and circulation flow. By combining the retail spaces into one central area, the Shoppes have the convenience of proximity and a fresh, updated look.

In order to make the area more welcoming for patients and visitors, large expanses of glass were installed along the corridor, allowing natural light to filter into the space. In addition to updating the overall appearance of the space, the renovation also accomplishes the Hospital’s goal of increasing staff efficiency by creating a main circulation corridor between the main hospital and the Bedford Building.

One of the major design challenges was the need for the retail spaces, as well as the corridor to remain open and operational throughout construction. This was accomplished with three separate phases and a complex construction schedule.

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