Murphy Hall Dormitory

John Carroll University

The Hasenstab Team provided architectural, structural, civil and interior design services for Murphy Hall Dormitory. Built in 1964, Murphy Hall is currently the largest residence hall at 95,600-square-feet on the John Carroll University campus. This building is located in the North Quad Historic District, which was added to the National Register of Historic Places.

The main focus of the project was updating the interiors to provide multiple living options such as triple and quad suites, singles and larger double rooms, as well as more private bathroom facilities. New study areas and social spaces are also available for students. In order to accommodate the new features, two 8,000-square-foot additions were added to the facility and an open concept lounge was developed in the middle of the building. Wireless technology and key cards for the rooms help modernize the dormitory. The goal was to completely modernize the existing structure to suit today’s dormitory living lifestyle, providing amenities in an environmentally sustainable manner, while allowing necessary ADA accessibility.

ADA accessibility was achieved through the addition of a new elevator, which is accessible from all floors and at grade at the south “Quad” side. Accessibility was also achieved through appropriately sized doors with required clearances, and the necessary floor area and reach heights at restrooms, kitchens and other common spaces.

The renovation was intended to encourage interaction between residents by incorporating two common lounges, studies and kitchen/laundry facilities on each floor that are central to each wing in the dormitory.

This project is LEED® Silver certified. Sustainable practices include: new operable windows and doors; well-insulated and highly-reflective roofing; maintenance and re-use of the building shell; and energy-efficient lighting, electrical, and mechanical systems. Other features include electronically controlled low-flow plumbing fixtures, low-odor materials with recycled content and multiple areas for resident recycling.

Photo Credit: ©2014 Scott Pease Photography

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