Poolside Structure & Related Renovations

Fairlawn Country Club

Fairlawn Country Club came to Hasenstab Architects with a desire to update their facilities and to attract new members.  After reviewing designs for renovation options at several areas within the club and listening to member input, the club’s leadership decided to invest in pool-area amenities as the best way to fulfill their goals.

These goals included: An increase in dining area on the pool deck, as well as shaded area; a poolside bar to increase revenue and to support the pool’s food service area; the elimination of a temporary awning structure; and, importantly, an architectural statement to enhance to overall atmosphere of this part of the club.  These goals needed to be accomplished within a limited budget and a confined project area, as the project site is bound by parking on three sides and the 18th hole of the golf course on the fourth.

After reviewing several combinations of possible project elements, Hasenstab presented to the club a way to accomplish the above goals.  First, an underutilized portion of the existing pool building was demolished, while leaving the roof structure intact.  This allowed the pool deck to expand, under cover and near the children’s pool, resulting in more usable deck without increasing the overall footprint of the pool area.

Next, a covered, elevated deck was designed.  This “signature structure” provided several amenities in a compact area. The pool deck level of the structure includes a fully equipped bar, as well as covered dining connecting the structure to the existing pool building.  The bar is built into the mound behind the 18th green to usurp as little deck area as possible, and is completely securable in the off-season.

The upper level of this structure features two distinct areas.  One is an open air deck; the other is an area under roof that overlooks the pool and the nearby 18th green. Both areas feature soft seating and provide the perfect setting for poolside parties and 19th hole relaxation.

The signature structure features architecture complimentary to the existing pool building and the club’s overall feel, instilling a sense of permanency while still being light enough to define, but not overwhelm, its poolside site.

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