Summa Corporate Service Center

Summa Health

The Summa Corporate Service Center was in need of a face lift in order to accommodate various office function, as well as provide a comfortable and flexible work space for Summa employees.

On the first floor, unfinished storage space was converted into three learning labs for employee training. An operable partition joins two of the labs to allow for flexible class sizes.

An existing mail room on the second floor was converted into four private offices and a conference room for property management. This portion of the project was fast-tracked to be completed within one month.

The new layout of the third floor provides open and flexible work spaces for employees and outside users. In addition to 25 private offices, six hotel offices were included for outside users. For quick, informal meetings, several nooks with lounge space and booths large enough to accommodate small groups were added. This not only facilitates and encourages teamwork, but also provides a refreshing alternative to traditional conference rooms. Open, high-top hoteling space was also included throughout the floor for outside users.

Several types of conference spaces occupy the office including small group conference rooms with screen compatibility, medium conference rooms with lounge or table seating, and three conference rooms that can be divided with operable partitions depending on the size of the group. Additionally, four “glass box” meeting rooms provide space where users can utilize technology to create collaborative projects.

An atrium lounge with various seating options serves as an informal break out meeting area and a staff lunch room with bar seating provides a place for employees to socialize and unwind.

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