TBA Office Addition & Renovation

Thorson Baker & Associates

Hasenstab Architects provided architectural and interior design services for the 21,400 square foot addition and renovations to Thorson Baker & Associates’ (TBA) office building in Richfield, Ohio.

The design of the building showcases TBA’s own engineering work as an example to visitors and potential clients. New and renovated spaces include 65 new workstations and offices, conference rooms, a library, two open-air landscaped interior courtyards and a lunch room. This project is LEED® Gold Certified.

Unique Challenges:

Limited Site Space
Solution:  A well-organized floor plan maximizes workspace for employees while allowing a feeling of spaciousness. An interior courtyard and clerestory over the central part of the building provides ample lighting, adding to an open feel. A drip-mounted septic system was incorporated to accommodate additional capacity without increasing the building’s footprint.

Offices Remained Open Throughout Construction
Solution: Careful communication and scheduling was key to TBA remaining operational throughout construction. The renovation was completed in phases to minimize disruptions.

Matching Addition to Existing Exterior
Solution:  A similar masonry size and color was used to blend the sizable addition with the rest of the building. New storefront framing emphasizes entry points and allows for the new space to be adapted into separate offices, if needed, in the future.

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