Virtual Simulation Laboratory

Summa Health

Hasenstab Architects provided architectural and engineering services for a Virtual Simulation Laboratory as part of the larger Critical Care Pavilion project at Summa Health’s Akron City Hospital. Shell space from the original design was later converted into a simulation lab.

Utilized for nursing and medical education, the virtual simulation laboratory features an Emergency Care Simulator (ECS), a computerized, full-size manikin that simulates emergency scenarios for hands-on patient training care.

The ECS model displays a wide range of life-like human responses, such as blinking, speaking, breathing and bleeding. Capable of exhibiting a multitude of medical conditions, these manikins provide the most advanced simulation training for medical students.

There is a training curriculum for each department, and different emergency scenarios are created on an ongoing basis. The simulation exercises can be recorded for post-scenario review, and there is an adjacent viewing room for observers.

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