May 2nd, 2012

The Search for the Perfect Domain Name

Q:  “H-A-I-N-C, right?”

A:  Yes, like Hasenstab Architects, Inc.

Q:  “Hasenstab?”

A:   No Hasenstab, just H-A-I-N-C.

Q:  “So”

A:   No, “.cc” is at the end.

Q:  “So three C’s, H-A-I-N-C-C-C?”

A:  No, “.cc”

Q:  “So “”?”

A:   Not “.com”, it’s “.cc.” It’s!

Q:  “That’s weird, isn’t it?”

A:   Yes.

We are now – forever eliminating the above conversation, or one like it, that preceded every recitation of our old website address (or email address, for that matter).

Certainly, Hasenstab is not the easiest name to spell, but after some brief flirtations with “alphabet” firm name possibilities, we decided that the name recognition established over thirty years of practice and the uniqueness of the name were worth the effort in spelling it.  As we say, Hasenstab – difficult to spell, easy to work with.

Our company’s name is unusual, but not so unusual that a German firm that makes hand-carved nativity sets didn’t usurp our original number one choice,  Click on that link if you are looking for a (very nice) nativity set.  Tell them we sent you if you do.  We are working on translating the word “royalty” into German.

For the record, our old “.cc” suffix is not the country code from the Canary Islands, as commonly believed, but from the much more obscure Cocos Islands.  We don’t remember the thought process behind our original web address, but we bid it a fond farewell.