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Lobby, Café and Conference Room

A large corporate client recently rebranded and wanted to reflect a new image in their facilities. The branding designated a full color palette of options for each department. Phase I included renovations to the conference area and existing café area. Two smaller conference rooms were combined and reconfigured to create one large conference area capable of accommodating a minimum of 100 employees. The new café space includes a self-serve micro-market and seating space in an upgraded dining area.

The second phase of the project included renovations to the lobby to add display space and upgrade furniture and finishes. Lighting and finishes were also upgraded throughout the corridor connecting the renovated spaces. In place of formerly mundane, white hallways, bold color architectural ribbons with LED strips act as wayfinding to lead guests around the building. A large vinyl graphic of the City of Cleveland is showcased along a main corridor wall opposite the café area promoting local pride. The mural also disguises doors to maintenance areas.

Project Details










4,250 Square Feet

Key Team Members

  • Ben Rantilla
  • Chitra Matthai
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