Dwight Schar College of Nursing

Ashland University

Hasenstab Architects worked with The Collaborative on this 2-story, 56,000-square foot, $15-million facility, which is the new home of Ashland University’s Dwight Schar College of Nursing. The main visitor lobby at the front of the building greets prospective students and faculty. This 2-story lobby space opens to the second floor to reveal the technologically advanced “Center for Simulations.” This Center contains an integrated infrastructure that supports a combination of low, medium and hi-fidelity manikins for nursing skills training and testing.

Three, eight-bed skills labs provide a didactic environment for nursing students. Instructional technology and lecture/debriefing space is located within each lab. In addition, there are also two low and high acuity patient rooms with dedicated control rooms, which are designed for specialized skill testing using hi-fidelity manikins.

Adjacent to the patient rooms are four exam rooms, which prepare students for the primary care setting utilizing standardized patient actors. An apartment-like Home Care lab serves both as a didactic tool and a lounge for actors. This space has off-stage access to the exam rooms and provides a buffer between the actors and students. The final lab located in the Center is the Complex Care Lab where faculty members run scenarios to instruct and test students in prioritizing care for four patients at one time. A variety of support spaces surround each of these labs for debriefing, simulation control/observation, storage and simulation preparation. A sophisticated array of cameras and microphones capture the activities in the skills labs for student and faculty review.

In addition to the Center for Simulations, a variety of open and closed study spaces and meeting rooms are distributed throughout the facility to support the commuter-centric student body. A bookstore serves cold sandwiches so that students can stay on campus between classes. Faculty office “pods” and a faculty lounge are included on both levels, as well as a variety of classrooms to accommodate general core courses and MBA/MED programs. A partial basement houses the mechanical spaces, overflow storage and a future student center.

This state of the art, forward-thinking facility is planned to allow enrollment to double in the next 4-5 years. It will serve Ashland University and Central Ohio for years to come.

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