Office Renovation

Confidential Client

This corporate office renovation involved the modernization of 1989 and 1946 vintage buildings. Prior to the beginning of this first phase, Hasenstab Architects provided programming and project development services to help the client plan both project funding and scheduling.

Totaling nearly 100,000 sq. ft. over two floor levels, the combined buildings were fully renovated and modernized to provide office space for 460+ personnel including planned growth. The first phase encompassed 21,700 sq. ft. or just under 25% of the total space.

Key client-driven project goals included the modernization of the existing corporate office spaces through integration of new office and conferencing furnishings, and the introduction of office zones to include work, communication, and refresh zones. Modernization of office functions were further refined to provide open spaces, natural lighting, improved technology, and right-sized offices.

Technology systems include free-addressing, interfacing business and marketing features enhancing the global communications among the client’s global operations through information kiosks and touch screens. Visitors and customers are served through hoteling and customer-specific furnishings which support and promote collaboration.

A new, 3,882 square foot auditorium was designed to improve space utilization, support upgraded technology and provide flexibility for various room configurations. Flexible, movable furniture allows the room to be used for multiple meetings types including presentations, luncheons and training sessions with the capacity to accommodate 40-60 people. Technology was also upgraded throughout the auditorium to support different meeting functions. New A/V features include two projection screens (fixed and recessed), two large TV monitors above the stage and one TV monitor in the back of the auditorium for use by the presenter. Other technology upgrades include floor power boxes throughout the room, cameras for video recording and conferencing, a sound room and scene lighting.

The project included upgrading all fire protection, plumbing, mechanical, electrical, life safety and technology systems within the aging buildings.

Photo Credit: ©2015-2016 Scott Pease Photography

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