building enclosure

Building Enclosure Consulting

Today’s buildings consist of many different systems that literally push (or pull) the building envelope in terms of environmental performance. Due to the great demands that we are putting on our building envelopes, building enclosure consulting has emerged as an essential service for architecture and construction.

These consulting services involve monitoring and confirming building performance as it relates to environmental factors. The level of consulting is developed in partnership with the project owner and can range from simple review and evaluations of an architect’s enclosure design to very intensive pre- and post- installed systems testing, continuous installation observations, and reporting.

Building use often plays an important role in determining the level of consulting that is necessary. For instance, a simple unconditioned warehouse would not be candidate, but hospitals, museums, laboratories, aquatic centers or any other facilities that require a stable indoor building environment or contain temperature and humidity sensitive materials, equipment, and patient care are prime candidates for building enclosure consulting.