Hasenstab Architects’ Offices Reopen

May 13, 2020

Hasenstab Architects’ offices have reopened on a limited basis this week. In the interest of safety and also to respect the wishes of our staff, the office returned with about 1/3 of our normal staffing level between the Akron and Cleveland offices. The remainder of our staff will continue to work primarily from home. The overarching goal is to ease back into some semblance of routine, while allowing appropriate distancing in the office and accommodating family commitments.

We were early adopters of “work from home,” as we committed to this policy for all but a few staff members on March 19, before the Governor’s first stay-at-home order took effect the following week. During the nearly two months since, we have found new ways to work together. We have sharpened our computer skills, especially with regard to accessing and utilizing our network remotely. We discovered and became proficient with new ways to communicate within the office and outside of it. We strengthened our office culture with virtual happy hours. In short, it has been business as usual as we have adapted well to our new reality and will continue to do so as new challenges and opportunities unfold.

Upholding our project and client responsibilities remains at the forefront of our thinking. We are extremely grateful to clients who have entrusted us to continue work on their projects during this difficult time. We are understanding of those clients who have opted to suspend or eliminate projects.  We stand ready to assist when and if these projects return.  Also, and importantly, we are thankful for the new clients we have begun relationships with in the last two months.  

We appreciate all of you for your patience, dedication, and loyalty throughout this crisis—whether you are a staff member, colleague, or client.  We look forward to continuing our work together, and especially to seeing everyone in three dimensions!