Hasenstab Architects Interns

Hasenstab Summer Intern Spotlight

August 16, 2022

As the summer winds down, we have to say “farewell for now” to our student interns as they head back to school for another fall semester.

Our architectural and interior design interns have spent the last several months learning more about the design and construction process, gaining exposure to a variety of projects, and experiencing the culture at Hasenstab Architects.

We’d like to turn the spotlight towards our interns to learn a little more about them, what they’ve learned during their time at Hasenstab, and what they enjoyed about their experiences this summer.

Logan Ali

Logan is studying Architecture at Kent State University and is preparing to graduate in 2023. He has assisted on several projects this summer and has enjoyed learning more about the “business side” of the architectural practice. “It’s been a lot of fun to learn how architects land projects, balance budgets, and still prioritize design.”

Jacob Ching

Jacob graduated from Kent State University in 2022 with a Bachelor of Science in Architecture with a minor in Construction Management. He has put these skillsets to use while working on several projects this summer. Although his studies are finished, Jacob is continuing to learn after leaving the classroom. “My favorite part about being an intern at Hasenstab is being able to jump around between a lot of different project managers and associates and learn from every person and project.”

Emily Holman

Emily is studying Interior Design at Kent State University and is expected to graduate in 2023. She has enjoyed learning about the level of time and dedication that are required to create a good set of construction documents. “My favorite part about being an intern here at Hasenstab is the attention to detail in the work, you can tell that everyone here is very passionate about what they do, and it shows.”

Jordan Luther

Jordan earned her Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the University of Massachusetts in 2021 and is now pursuing her Master of Architecture at Carnegie Mellon University. As an inaugural member of Hasenstab Architects’ Pittsburgh Office, she is enjoying watching the office grow. Her biggest takeaway from her experience? The importance of sustainability. “My experience here has further reinforced that interest in sustainable practices and commitment to the 2030 challenge is crucial.”

Joseph Norman

Joseph will be entering his third year as an Architecture major at Kent State University. Joseph has been inspired by learning all aspects of the design and construction process. “My favorite part of interning at Hasenstab has been the exposure to a variety of projects in various stages and being able to get hands-on experience working on them.”

Elizabeth Vernon

Liz is preparing to enter her fourth year as an Interior Design major at Kent State University. She is enjoying the opportunity to expand her knowledge of both interior and architectural design. “Being able to visit the site allows me to achieve a better understanding of the architectural elements within the building that play a direct role on the success of the design of the interior.”

Bruce Wolff

Bruce received his Bachelor of Science in Architecture from Kent State University in May 2021. Bruce is enjoying the opportunity to expand his knowledge as an architectural intern. “I like the learning; there seems to be great attention to detail here and a pride in ‘doing it the right way.’ I feel confident that what I’m learning is backed up with genuine thought and care. “

To our interns, thank you for your hard work and we hope you enjoyed your summer at Hasenstab Architects!