Hasenstab Pittsburgh

Meet the Latest Hasenstab Pittsburgh Team Members!

July 26, 2022

Yinz should come to dahntahn Pittsburgh and have a Permanees sammitch, but make sure you worsh your hands first.

If you’re not from the Pittsburgh area, the sentence above probably makes little sense to you, but thankfully we have a few new team members in the Hasenstab Pittsburgh office who can help translate.

Meet Todd, Brandon and Jordan – some of the newest Hasenstab faces in the city of bridges.

Todd Dunaway, EDAC, ACHA, LEED AP | Project Manager

Quick Stats: Husband, father of three, Louisville, KY transplant, world-traveler, drummer, furniture builder, Lego enthusiast

Favorite Pittsburgh Food: Pierogi. (NOT a fan of fries on my salad – yuck!)

Favorite/Most-heard Pittsburgh-isms: Yinz (you all) and dahntahn (downtown), and another term that is not suitable for print (and NOT in my lexicon)

Why did you get into architecture: We had a career day in 6th grade. Dad was my principal. He asked, ‘Did you see/hear anything that intrigued you?’  I responded, ‘Who tells the contractor what to build?’  Dad said ‘An architect does that.’  I responded, ‘I want to be THAT guy.’  And hence…the start of a lifelong career.

What do you think Hasenstab Architects brings to the Pittsburgh architectural landscape:  A client-focused approach, great design, and strong leadership with a proven track record of projects that meet or exceed client expectations.

Brandon Zawicki, RA | Project Architect

Quick Stats: Pennsylvania native, husband, father, bicyclist

Favorite Pittsburgh Food: I love a chipped ham sandwich with Islay’s BBQ sauce or the rueben pierogi from Pierogies Plus cooked up and pan fried with sour cream

Favorite/Most-heard Pittsburgh-isms: Yinz and worsh (wash)

Why did you get into architecture: I was always drawing and one day I got a computer program that was an early version of Revit.  I spent hours and hours drawing house plans and other odd designs for spaces

What do you think Hasenstab Architects brings to the Pittsburgh architectural landscape:  HA is an expert in design for higher education, behavioral health, labs and everything healthcare, all of which are booming markets here so Pittsburgh is the perfect place to grow Hasenstab

Jordan Luther | Student Intern

Quick Stats: Carnegie Mellon grad student, rower, dog mom, Connecticut transplant

Favorite Pittsburgh Food: The most “yinzer” dish I’ve had so far is the Permanees (Primanti Brothers) sammitch. They are famous for putting coleslaw and fries on all of their sandwiches. Fun Fact: Pittsburgh is also home of Heinz and has a pickle festival every summer called “Picklesburgh”

Favorite/Most-heard Pittsburgh-isms: Yinz – My family loves to remind me that I’m a “yinzer” now!

Why did you get into architecture: Ever since I was little you could find me with a pencil and sketchbook in hand. As I grew older, I became fascinated by how people interact with the built environment, and the memories we associate with the places we visit every day. My senior year of high school I was lucky enough to shadow and work for a local architect and have fallen in love with the profession ever since.

What do you think Hasenstab Architects brings to the Pittsburgh architectural landscape: A unique and refreshing approach to healthcare design. One of the reasons I was interested in joining Hasenstab was the firm’s focus on human centered design and care. This is something I believe truly shines through in all our projects.

Stay tuned for more news from our Hasenstab Pittsburgh office! If you’re interested in taking a tour of the Hasenstab Pittsburgh office, check out our YouTube page.