Detox Unit Renovation

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Inpatient Detox Unit Renovation

Situated within an existing patient care floor, the Detox Unit is a part of the newly expanded behavioral health program at Summa Heath. The unit includes 14 private patient rooms, a multi-use dining and group room, patient education room and various support spaces. A secure room with staff-only access was included in the unit to store patients’ personal items while they are admitted.

An initial design challenge was accommodating the number of private showers required by the program. Access to showers is an important aspect to a unit of this nature, so a high number was desired. Available space was limited, and the locations of patient rooms needed to remain in their current locations. The solution incorporated private showers within patient room restrooms where feasible, as well as several common-use shower rooms.

While not as stringent as a typical behavioral health unit, security and patient safety are still key considerations. Room locations, layouts, staff sightlines and other safety related decisions were made with careful consideration. Ligature-resistant door hardware, plumbing and electrical fixtures were included in spaces with limited staff oversight and access. Additionally, the dining and group room, which accommodates many patients throughout the day, was strategically located near the nurse station for enhanced monitoring. Thoughtfully placed windows allow better staff visibility within this space.

Detox Unit RenovationDetox Unit RenovationDetox Unit Renovation

Project Details



Akron, Ohio




9,000 Square Feet

Key Team Members

  • Matt Glassner
  • Chris Betts
  • Carla Cremers
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