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Case Western Reserve University

Physics Research Lab Renovation

Three existing rooms in the Rockefeller Building at Case Western Reserve University were combined and renovated to create a new physics research lab for Dr. Johana Nagy. The new lab is utilized for the creation and assembly of airborne telescopes.

The lab is made up of existing spaces on different levels of the building. The majority of the research space is located in the basement of the building, with additional open workspaces on a sub-level below. A lift was added to connect the main lab space to the lower level, creating one cohesive space.

The physics research lab also contains a high-bay area on the first floor that provides sufficient space for the assembly of telescopes. A loading dock provides a convenient area to load and unload equipment.

The design team coordinated closely with the researcher during the planning phase of the project to determine the best layout for the equipment. The project also included new finishes for a complete refresh of the space.

physics researchphysics researchphysics researchphysics researchphysics research

Project Details


Case Western Reserve University


Cleveland, Ohio




1,900 Square Feet

Key Team Members

  • Brian Miner
  • Jeanette Pastrana
  • Chitra Matthai
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