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General Practice Design

From zoos to city halls, Hasenstab Architects designs facilities that enhance the community.

Designing facilities that enhance the communities we live and work in is a privilege Hasenstab Architects has had for several decades. Our architecture firm designs municipal facilities, entrepreneurial/makerspace centers, restaurants, and even zoos, and seeing how they impact the communities where they are located, is a rewarding experience. A new fire station increases safety. Helping plan and design administration buildings improves and enhances city operations and services. Makerspaces create new ideas and businesses. Zoos entertain, educate, and create awareness for the public.

Whether you need a refresh, a new building, or insight into planning a future project, our architecture firm has the expertise to help. Hasenstab will assemble the right team based on your needs. Please email or contact us online to learn more about how our design can enhance your community.